Steinert Marching Unit Parents Association


SMUPA Executive Board

2021 - 2022 Officers:


Jeanne Vocaturo


Rebecca Pearson

                      Vice President:

Kathy Burger


Linnea Weber

2021/22 Executive Board Members:
Christine Buckley -  Lori Hutchins - Lisa Andrusiewcz

Contact information for all our members and staff is located on our “Contact Us” web page.


The officers of the Steinert Marching Unit Parents Association consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  These members are elected, in May, to a one-year term and must have served at least one full year on the Executive Board.

The President presides over both the Executive Board meetings and the General Membership meetings.  S(he) also exercises supervision over all activities of the Association, and serves as a member, ex officio, of all standing committees.

The Vice President assumes the duties of the President during his/her absence.  The Vice President, historically, oversees all fund raising activates conducted by SMUPA.

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all Association accounts; receives and pays out funds in accordance with proper accounting procedures; and provides statements of financial activity at monthly meetings.

The Secretary
keeps the minutes of all SMUPA meetings; is the custodian of all Association records; and conducts all correspondence for the organization. The secretary is responsible for the communications of the unit via email, facebook, website.

The SMUPA Executive Board is comprised of active members who have expressed an interest in serving as a liaison between the membership and the staff.  The role of the Executive Board is to meet with the officers and the Band Director and associated staff to formulate plans and procedures of the Association.

Membership on the Executive Board is open to all dues-paying members who have a desire to participate in the formulation of a program of activities for the Steinert Marching Unit Parents Association.  Elections for membership on the Executive Board are held in May for parents of returning Unit members in the next school year.  A separate election is held in September for parents of freshman unit members (2 positions).

The Executive Board meets with the Officers and Band staff monthly prior to the general membership meeting.


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