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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many members are in the band in the 2016/17 year?
We have 83 members; 59 band, 24 Color Guard.

Question: What are the responsibilities of the bus chaperones?
Answer: Every time the Marching Unit travels by bus, the students are accompanied by the professional staff as well as members of the SMUPA Executive Board.  The SMUPA chaperones assist the professional staff on each bus by checking to see that all students are present upon departure by providing  refreshments to the students during the trip; and by supporting the students additional needs as required.

Question: What are the responsibilities of the field crew?
Each year a group of interested members form a team that provides logistical support for all aspects of the field show. Each member of the Field Crew has a specific role and is responsible for the setup of his/her particular area of the field. The Field Crew is also responsible for loading and unloading all the band instruments and show equipment into the band truck.

Participation in the Field Crew is open to all members of the organization interested in attending all of the football games and other performances throughout the Fall.

Question: If I lose my gloves, how to I get new ones?
All unit member are given their first pair of gloves. If a subsequent pair is needed, it must be purchased at five dollars a pair.

Question: How do I clean my uniform?
Read our “Guide for Use and Care of Uniforms”.

Question: What is the Pasta Dinner?
On the Saturday afternoon of the Steinert High School Play, a SMUPA Pasta Dinner is held for the Steinert community as well as the residents of Hamilton. Over the years, it has become a gathering place for those who then attend the play as well as people interested in a low key and inexpensive night out.

Usually held in February, the dinner is sponsored and coordinated by SMUPA.  The servers are usually members of the Marching Unit. Many of the students participating in the Pasta Dinner also are members of the cast, crew, or pit orchestra for the show. Participation in the Pasta Dinner is open to all members.  The role of members includes setting up the cafeteria, preparing the food and cleaning up.

Question: As a member of the Marching Unit what are my financial obligations.
Answer:  There is a mandatory activity fee of $35 p/student and an occasional cost for specific marching shoes. Other than that,
involvement in the Marching Unit is cost free. Fund raising is provided to help subsidize the cost of running the Unit. Through fundraising the Unit member is also able to offset the cost of the annual trip.

Question: What isMusic in Motion”?
Answer:  Music in Motion is a Steinert Marching Unit Parents Association sponsored Band festival. On a Sunday  usually in mid to late October, marching bands have the opportunity to present their  field show. Some of our past guests were Clifton High Marching Mustangs, Toms Rivers North Marching Mariners, Hightstown High  Marching Band, Allentown Redbird Marching Band, Trenton High Marching Band, and as always our fellow Hamiltonians, Hamilton West Marching Hornets and the Nottingham Northstar Marching Unit. All Steinert Marching Unit Parents are required to volunteer 3 hours during this wonderful event.

Question: What are credits and how do I accumulate them.
Credits are a dollar amount that the Unit member earns when he or she sells a fund raising item. Credits are used to offset the cost of the annual trip. Credits earned are calculated by taking the profit of an item and splitting it 50/50 with the Unit.  For example, if an item sells for $10.00 and our cost is $8.00 the member would receive $1.00 in his/her account, and SMUPA would receive $1.00.

Question: What is the Band Banquet?
The culmination of the year for the Marching Unit is the Annual Awards Banquet, more commonly known as the Band Banquet. This is a special evening where the members (and their parents/guardians) have an evening for dinner and dancing to celebrate the memories of the past year's events. The experience of the Marching Unit, for both students and their parents, includes the development of friendships.

Marching Unit members who marched in the Memorial Day Parade(s) attend the banquet. SMUPA pays for marching unit members cost of the banquet, parents/guardians are responsible for the cost of their attendance.

A special part of the Banquet is the recognition of the graduating seniors, the announcement of the Drum Majors and section leaders for the upcoming Marching Unit season and the presentation of awards to each member of the Marching Unit. Graduating seniors can be eligible for a monetary gift as they prepare for their future education and these are awarded at the Banquet. Membership must be renewed annually at the start of the new school year to be eligible to receive monetary gifts provided by SMUPA Last year we awarded $3,500.


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